Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 04:20:45PM -0500, Mike Christie wrote:
>> Hannes Reinecke wrote:
>>> For boot from iSCSI we need to the fwparam_ibft program
>>> to setup the network correctly. This patch moves the
>>> fwparam_ibft files into a library and adds a new program
>>> fwparam_ibft to print out the network parameter.
>> Why do you need a new program to print out the network info? I was 
>> working on the same problem, and was working on a patch to print it out 
>> with the rest of the ibft info. The patch was made over some RHEL/FC 
>> stuff that is used with the ibft sysfs module Konrad did (I or Konard 
>> will post the rest of the code later (I thought he had, but I did not 
>> see it on the list)).
>> I am not sure I care much which one we do. I just do not like the extra 
>> program because it is one more thing to remember, so I started the way I 
>> did.
>> Oh yeah, have you tried the ppc stuff yet? What does it print out for 
> iBFT.platform != PPC

Yeah, I know I am am not sure what is called so I have been calling it 
that to type less. But still we want to print out the netinfo for both 
platforms, so I am wondering what we get from ppc's iface param.

>> the netdevice? The ibft kernel module links to the net device sysfs dir 
>> which is nice, so you do not have to match MAC addrs.
>> Also what you going to do for DHCP? Are you just going to use the ip 
>> values from ibft? Makes sense. I am just asking, because I noticed weird 
> That one is tricky. The spec doesn't say you can diffrenciate between the
> dhcp value and the ip value of the IBFT NIC spec. You could have the 'IP'
> header filled with a valid IPv6 IP _and_ the 'DHCP' field filled with IPv4
> values.

Ah ok thanks. There is that comment in the original ibft program that 
said that said we would have one or the other or something. I guess that 
is why I see somehting different.

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