Doron Shoham wrote:
> Divide node parameters into 3 categories:
>   a. Immutable - properties that are not allowed to change at all.
>   b. Immediate - properties that are allowed to change and take effect 
> immediately.
>   c. Deferred  - properties that are allowed to be changed only while
>                  session is not active (or when using -f flag).
>                  The change will take effect only next session.
> Add -f flag (force) to iscsiadm when changing node parameters
> that are defined as ATTR_DEFERRED.
> When using this flag, changing of ATTR_DEFERRED parameter
> while in active session is allowed.
> The change itself will take effect only in the next session.
> A warning message will be displayed.

Hi Mike,
Are you ok with this patch?


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