Mario Salcedo wrote:
> Hi, a question. I have a System Storage DS300. I have configured all ok,
> this work ok, I test all posible fails on the DS300 and all ok. But when I
> did the test on the server I have a error. When I desconect and conect the
> cable in the NIC that use to conecting the DS300 I have a error because the
> the server and DS300 dont conecting for a time, and I can not write on the
> disk on the DS300.
> I solved this problem, unmounting the disks of the DS300, restart the
> service iscsi, and mounting again the disks of the DS300.
> My questions is: Is that normal in the server? I think this is not normal,
> the server should work ok. What can I do?

Can you send the /var/log/messages output that gets written when you 
disconnet and reconnect the cable?

And could you run

iscsiadm -m session -P 3

when you disconenct and again when you reconnect, and send all that output?

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