v i n c e wrote:

> Hello again,
> Trying to remake an iSCSI root;  I noticed in my golden-initiator-
> workstation, when I start iscsi initiator (service iscsi start), the
> following ib_iser related error messages are logged in dmesg:
> Loading iSCSI transport class v2.0-865.
> iscsi: registered transport (tcp)
> ib_iser: disagrees about version of symbol iscsi_conn_setup
> ib_iser: Unknown symbol iscsi_conn_setup

That's a problem that we discuss here from time to time. Here's what

    * iSER (ib_iser) is another open-iscsi transport (like iscsi_tcp).
      It runs over InfiniBand, uses RDMA and shows very nice performance.
    * ib_iser is built as part of your kernel and uses open-iscsi
      symbols (e.g. iscsi_conn_setup) from the same kernel. When ib_iser
      is loaded, it makes sure (like any other module does) that the
      version of the symbols that it was compiled against is identical
      to the version of the symbols that are currently loaded.
    * You installed another version of open-iscsi (with the same
      symbols, but with different CRC). ib_iser complains that the
      version of the symbols that it uses has changed. This mechanism
      protects you from mixing different modules versions.

What should you do? Here are some options:

    * If you don't need iSER, just remove that lines that load/unload it
      from the open-iscsi init script.
    * Use open-iscsi & iSER that are shipped with your distro. I think
      that CentOS 5.1 (which is equivalent to RHEL 5.1, right?) has that.
    * If you want to run open-iscsi over iSER (assuming that you have
      InfiniBand HW), install the latest version of OFED
      It has open-iscsi with iSER support. However, CentOS is not supported.
    * You can build & install a new kernel and use only the userspace
      code from open-iscsi.


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