Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
> Firstly, I haven't dug in this yet but this is more of a call: 
> "have-you-seen-this-too?"

This is probably on the list 20 times :)

> When I reboot the machine without logging off from iSCSI targets I can
> hang the reboot sequence. This is with 869-rc4 userspace, SLES 10 SP2 Beta 
> kernel, with
> a 869-rc4 kernels compiled out of tree. (With a SLES 10 SP2 Beta kernel, 
> which has
> a back-port of 868-rc1, I get the same bug)
> I enabled the debugging in the kernel (DEBUG_SCSI) and added a dump_stack() 
> in the
> iscsi_check_transport_timeouts, and this is what I get:

The timer is still running because the session is.

> iscsi: Sending nopout as ping on conn ffff88007a0b8a50
> iscsi: Setting next tmo 4294974247
> iscsi: mtask deq [cid 0 itt 0xa06]
> iscsi: mgmtpdu [op 0x0 hdr->itt 0xa06 datalen 0]
> Sending SIGKILL to all processes.
> Please stand by while rebooting the system.
> md: stopping all md devices.
> Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk sdl: 

It looks like the network is off but the session is still running. We 
eventually get to the kernel shutoff here. Is your init script getting 
run? If not then run it. If you left the session on on purpose then you 
cannot turn the network off because the scsi layer will want to do its 
shutdown when the kernel is stopped.

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