I have uploaded a new release to open-iscsi.org. It is here

The bug fix highlights:
- If a device was using a write back cache then the scsi layer would 
send a sync cache command. In 2.6.21+ this could cause the iscsiadm 
logout command to hang, or the sync cache command would fail.

The fix for this problem requires a updated kernel and tools. You need 
the kernel modules from upstream 2.6.25 plus the tools in this release, 
or the kernel modules and tools from this release.

- iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip:port would overwrite the settings in 
the node db for portals that were found, delete nodes that were no 
longer returned and add new ones. I kept this as the default behavior 
because some tools expect it, but you can now control it by doing 
passing the discovery command combinations of "-o new", "-o delete", and 
"-o update. See the README for details.

- iscsiadm's sendtargets discovery could not discovery "lots of 
devices". It could not handle multiple pdus and pdus ending on 
MaxRecvSegemntLength boundaries, so we could only discover one pdus 
worth of devices.

- iscsid was killing sessions when it should have retried the login. 
This would force the user to have to relogin manually and could have 
caused FS errors or dm-multipath problems.

The feature highlights:
- The iscsi_tcp data paths were rewritten by Olaf Kirch.
- 2.6.24 and 2.6.25 support.

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