> Niels de Carpentier schrieb:
>> I have a number of systems with an iscsi root filesystem. These systems
>> connect to an redundant pair of iscsi servers, using tgtd. I use
>> heartbeat
>                                                         ^^^^
>> Is there any way to prevent this, so a iscsi root system can recover
>> gracefully from a short outage?
> You are using tgtd.
> What are the causes of these disconnections? I guess manual caused by
> you, but is it:
> 1) cabling, switches
> 2) firewall, routing etc.
> 3) tgtd restart?

In this case the failover is indeed manual for failover testing. The
failover process basically is:

server1:   remove virtual IP
server1:   remove luns from tgtd
server1:   Make local DRBD device secondary
server2:   Make DRBD device primary
server2:   add luns to tgtd
server2:   Add virtual IP

Since the iscsi initiators connect to the virtual IP, there can be no
network connectivity while the switch is in progress. This should prevent
any race conditions in tgtd.

The network trace looks normal, some retries to the VIP while the switch
is in progress, and a RST of the connection once the switch is done. The
initiator reconnects normally after the reset, but the damage has already
been done by then. (And it looks like the problems even start before the
RST of the connection)


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