Konrad Rzeszutek a écrit :
>> In fact I plugged at 1pm the Dell MD3000i and then I start getting 
>> message a few time before midnight.
>> I get the same message every 10 min since midnight.
> It looks as there is some applications that is trying to access
> sectors above what the device has. Did you look through your cronjobs
> to see what is run?
Yes, exactly, I scheduled a cron job which parse files to rsync them 
with another server. When the script parsed the corrupted files the logs 
said there were I/O error with the SAN.

My problem wasn't on iscsi layer but on the file system layer and a 
e2fsck resolve it properly.

You probably wants to know why I got some errors on the file system in 
my iscsi SAN. It's my fault : before to plug the SAN on the production 
server, it was plugged on the test server. And this test server freezed 
because of a bad memory chip issue (now I have changed the bad chip and 
memtest the new one to prevent future errors) and that happened of 
course during a iscsi session was opened.
When I rebooted the server, I thinked that recovering the journal of 
ext3 file system was sufficient, and it wasn't. Shame on me, I didn't 
tell this fact in the mail before, and I can't explain why I didn't 
realize before that it was the source of this problem. It' so logical.

>> NB : In the kern.log, the first volume of 21Mb isn't a real logical 
>> volume. I thingk it's a communication device for Dell MD3000i that the 
>> open-iscsi driver didn't support, well I guess. But I don't know if it's 
>> linked to my problem.
> If you are using multipath then this block device would be black-listed.
I don't use multipath for the while, but I will remember.

Thank you!
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