> and lsscsi don't detect anything.
> Problems comes out after we deleted a previous LUN and added the two
> new LUNs.

Try 'iscsiadm -m node -R'. If you are re-using the LUN number (which some
iSCSI targets do), it is strongly recommended you logout and then

There are some more fancy ways of dealing with this, but it might
cause havoc on your system if you are not careful:

1). Delete the block device using the sysfs operation.
2). Re-scan the generic scsi-device to kick-off the kernel re-scan routine
3). Viola, new two block devices appear.

Or you can try to logout and then re-login in back - what happens then?

> With only one LUN i had no problem... very strange!
> Any help is welcomed.
> DaMn.
> > 

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