Oh, one more little question, i saw now intresting situation, before
my tests with this box, i mistakingly thinks that i have slow samba
that cause that, but when i start test, i saw intresting thing:

log into linux box, go to the folder where iscsi storage mounted, when
i try copy something from it to local filesystem of server, it works
But when i try copy from local filesystem of linuxbox to iscsi storage
it waits few seconds and then starts copy.
But no eny errors enywhere. Same situation if i copy something via nfs
or smb service that share iscsi storage into local network
Am i right that it's possible to findout whats can be wrong only if i
compile open-iscsi as?:
> make DEBUG_SCSI=1 DEBUG_TCP=1 install

Or it's better before install latest stable version of iscsi, because
as you said earlyer:
>.15 has some bug fixes in the write path that you might be hitting as
> well.

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