Or Gerlitz wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> For bnx2i I was going to run from a hotplug event. When the bnx2i card
>> is loaded or a port is setup I was going to have it look for session
>> that are bound to it and login.
> First, as we are talking on iscsi which works with the IP stack (route
> lookups, ARPs, etc),
> I assume that when you say that a card/port is loaded or being setup you
> mean that
> the card/port is up and running AND the setting of the IP stack is done,
> correct?


> Second, sessions are bounded to target portals which are <DST IP, DST Port>,
> so even if you
> add a src IP/Port association, over time, this IP can bounded to the one
> card/port and later to

This is a seperate issue.

We do not add a src association. If we did it would be more like qla4xxx 
or iscsi_tcp egress port binding where we want to follow the src to dest 
path setup or fail. In these cases the user wants the specific 
association for multipath or for qla4xxx they have no choice because of 
its hw/fw design.

> second port or second card/port, eg under HA/bonding or admin/route change
> or taking out bad
> card and replacing it with another.

The HA boinding and route change issues are seperate.

For the hotplug case we will basically listen for a interface going up 
(it should work for ib ones too since you use the same ifconfig). We 
then ask the tools/driver to log into sessions through that driver if it 
can and has not already.

For iser and the route change problem, if we try to reconnect a session 
and find that we were using a different ib_deivce, then we have to do 
one of those options I listed before in some other thread. For bnx2i we 
have the same problem. The options are similar.

> So, I still don't see what's the design here, and since I don't want to
> waste your time nor fill people's
> inboxes, maybe you can do the bnxi HA implementation with these ideas and
> then we can see if/how
> to apply them to iser?

I do not care. I was not saying you had to handle it now.

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