> Hi all,
> It appears the current Linux iSER initiator does not send the HELLO message 
> when the connection transits to full feature phase. The stgt target also 
> ignores this message (if it were to appear). Both of these implementations 
> use a non-conformant iSER header (they add write_va and read_va fields, which 
> incidentally do not appear to be used). Are these changes documented anywhere 
> in the IB domain, or are these variations needed for another reason?
> If these deviations from the RFC are not needed and were to be fixed (along 
> with the offset fix), then these implementations can detect the current mode 
> of operation by examining the size > of the iSER header received. The choice 
> to proceed in the broken way, or to terminate the connection (with big loud 
> error messages) is the implementor's choice. Either way, the issue is 
> detected and corruption avoided.
> Thoughts?

Take a look at the iSER for IB annex:


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