Pete Wyckoff wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on Mon, 28 Apr 2008 08:51 -0700:
>>  > Add read only module param to count alignment violations.
>> I don't think a module parameter is the way to report statistics from
>> the kernel.  Can't you just add a device attribute or something?  Or
>> stick a file in debugfs?
> This is definitely a worthwhile change though.  By monitoring this
> statistic we were able to get good insight to what our apps are
> doing to cause these alignment violations.
> I have a hacky patch that tries to export it via sysfs, but it
> doesn't clean up properly.  The iscsi transport class defines the
> sysfs tree and doesn't give hooks to a particular device to
> add/change those entries, which is why this approach came out rather
> ugly.  Hope Eli is willing to do this the right way; maybe debugfs
> is the way to go.

We have iscsi stats already. I thought Eli sent a patch to put this 
there already? If not then put this in the get_stats callout as one of 
the iser custom values.

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