Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
> On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 08:52:35AM -0700, MAKHU wrote:
>> When target is logged in to an initiator and then either target/
>> initiator is restarted,connection is lost.
> It goes the other way. Initiator logs in the target.
> If the initiator (client) is restarted the connection would be lost.
> If the target is restarted it might do:
>  1). If it a NetApp, send a command asking the initiator to logout.

We logout, but we will try to relogin. See below for what happens on the 

>  2). If is a EqualLogic, send a AsyncMsg telling the initiator that the block
>      device is going to be off-line.

What is this? I do not think we handle this. Is it a verndor specific 
async iscsi event?

>  3). For others it might just terminate the connection without notifying
>      the initiator at all. At which point the nop-ping timer (which runs
>      by default every 15 seconds) would figure out the connection is lost, 
> kick
>      a retry and if that failed terminate the connection.

For 1 and 3, it depends on the version of open-iscsi you are using and 
what the target returns on the retry if it is able to send something at all.

With the current open-iscsi code, if the tcp/ip socket connect fails we 
continue to retry that forever or until the user manually kills it. If 
when we try the relogin if the target is still up and responding and 
responds with target not found then we will kill the connection. If we 
get some other errors we will continue to retry the login.

In older versions we would kill the connection for certain target 
errors, but different targets would send different values for reboot or 
shutdown. For reboots we of course want to retry the login. For shutdown 
it would be best to stop, but since we could not figure out what every 
target is sending (if we knew we could build a blacklist) to be on the 
safe side we now always retry to make sure access to the disk is not 
disrupted when we wanted access. The user has to manually stop the 
connection for the shutdown case.

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