aspasia wrote:
> Hello all,
> After seeing the announcement on the regression of the current
> release, I looked more closely into my /var/log/messages and noticed
> that once in a while my iscsi connections get the following:
> May  8 08:55:48 r05s23 kernel:  connection1:0: iscsi: detected conn
> error (1011)
> May  8 08:55:49 r05s23 iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 1:0
> error (1011) state (3)
> May  8 08:55:51 r05s23 iscsid: connection1:0 is operational after
> recovery (2 attempts)
> Seems like it recovers, but are these critical issues?  My iscsi

Are you using 869 and do you also see the nop out timeout messages or do 
you just see these connection error messages?

> device is being mounted as my root; should I increase some paramater
> in /etc/iscsi/iscsi.conf?

Yeah, read the README section 8 for how to modify the nop and replacment 
timeout settings for iscsi root.

> Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
> A.
> > 

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