Maysara wrote:
> thank you mike, but im unable to figure out how to tell ietd what to
> return, but this is probably not the right place to ask anyway :)

Yeah, ask the ietd list :)

> I have another question, would it be sane/doable to have load
> distribution using that ? ie dns returns diffrent ips in a round robin

I guess you could do load balancing like that. I do not know if it sane 
or doable. Targets like equallogic will take advanatage of this feature 
in iscsi where the initiator will try to login to the target, the target 
will then redirect us to the path it thinks it best. It will also log us 
  out and then redirect us to a better portal when it thinks there is one.

What you suggest sounds similar. I do not know if you would want to do 
it at the dns level.

> fashion ? or even simple failover ?

> On May 8, 6:59 pm, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Maysara wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm usinsg iscsiadm from iscsi-initiator-utils version
>>>, and i also tried opne-iscsi 2.0.730-1etch1in a line
>>> like this:
>>> iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p iscsi-storage| cut -f2 -d\ |
>>> xargs -l -I '{}' iscsiadm -m node -T {} -p iscsi-storage -l
>>> where iscsi-storage is defined in /etc/hosts , it fails to find iscsi-
>>> storage in the node mode, but works fine in the discovery mode, if i
>>> change iscsi-storage to the ip of the target in the node mode, it
>>> works fine ... i suppose this is a bug ! no ?
>> iscsiadm takes the values that are returned from discovery. It does not
>> do any hostname resolution. So if the target gives us a ip address
>> during discovery you have to pass iscsiadm -m node ... -l a ip address.
>> If the target gives us hostnames then you have to use the hostnames it
>> gave us.
> > 

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