On Thu, 8 May 2008, aspasia wrote:

> Just wanted to find out if anyone has successfully booted a diskless
> server over iscsi on a Gentoo distro?  If so, did you follow a How2,
> and if you don't mind to share the link?

But don't you think everything is virtually the same :)

I mean, what happens: kernel boots, your tiny init starts iscsid creates a
disk, you switch root and start init again. Hardly magic? And is indeed
for every distro the same.

Now the interesting part is that there was a busybox patch for iscsi in
busybox. Now if you can get that to work, you can make your own ultra tiny
initrd (which ofcourse you share with the rest of us!) that takes as
kernel-argument something like iscsi-rootdev=... and switches after
success or retries/reboot upon failure.

Maybe this tiny busybox initrd already exist, but I would consider this a
nice little project :)


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