Hello all,

I am using open-e DSS storage (http://open-e.com). I usually have 1 lun
per target, but for backup purposes, I take snapshots for each lun. This
snapshot then becomes a part of the parent LUN target, so that TargetX
has LunA and LunS (snapshot).

When I login to the target, however, I see only one LUN. I have a udev
rule that create a symlink as /dev/iscsi_XX-. I see the "main" lun of
the target, but not the snapshot.

After resetting the open-e iscsi connections (sort of IETd
implementation), and rescanning the target on my initiator, a P 3
listing says this:

Target: iqn.2008-02:open-e-1.rt
         Current Portal:,1
         Persistent Portal:,1
                 Iface Name: default
                 Iface Transport: tcp
                 Iface IPaddress:
                 Iface HWaddress: default
                 Iface Netdev: default
                 SID: 261
                 iSCSI Connection State: LOGGED IN
                 Internal iscsid Session State: NO CHANGE
                 Negotiated iSCSI params:
                 HeaderDigest: None
                 DataDigest: None
                 MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 131072
                 MaxXmitDataSegmentLength: 8192
                 FirstBurstLength: 65536
                 MaxBurstLength: 262144
                 ImmediateData: No
                 InitialR2T: Yes
                 MaxOutstandingR2T: 1
                 Attached SCSI devices:
                 Host Number: 262        State: running
                 scsi262 Channel 00 Id 0 Lun: 3
                         Attached scsi disk sds          State: running

Nothing said about the snapshot.

Anyone has an idea? Would that be a specific to open-e dss storage?

Thank you for any suggestions.


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