On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 10:07:32PM -0700, sinysee wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use open-iscsi to connect to an FC storage via an ATTO
> IPBridge 2700C. This is not a planned setup, but an emergency attempt
> to regain access to the data after an FC switch failure.
> I am using SLES 10.1 on the host. When trying to connect to the target
> I get through the discovery stage successfully. When I log in,
> iscsiadm returns success, but there are messages like
>   sd 17:0:0:1: Device not ready: <6>: Current: sense key: Not Ready
>        Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, cause not reportable
> in the kernel log and the device never gets available.

What do you mean by "never gets available"? Can you attach the full dmesg? Is 
it that
the block device (/dev/sdX) that is unavailable or the multipath device 

Is it all of them or just one or two?
> I got the tcpdump from the host and it shows that the host repeatedly
> sends "Test Unit Ready" requests and receives "Logical Unit Not Ready,
> Initializing Cmd. Required (0x0402)" in response. "Mode Sense" and
> "Read Capacity" get meaningful responses. Then the host does a "Read"
> request and gets "Logical Unit Not Ready, Cause Not Reportable
> (0x0400)".

Is that for each of the block disks that showed up when you logged in
or just for some of them? If it is the latter than is expected with
Active-Passive targets which you might have.

.. snip..
> Having very little prior experience with iSCSI I am not sure what
> Initializing Cmd. Required is supposed to mean.

This looks more like an multipath configuration, or the lack of

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