On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 08:28:43AM -0700, sinysee wrote:
> Hello,
> > What do you mean by "never gets available"? Can you attach the full dmesg? 
> > Is it that
> > the block device (/dev/sdX) that is unavailable or the multipath device 
> > (/dev/dm-XX)?
> I am looking to set up an initiator-target configuration with an FC-
> iSCSI bridge in between.
> As I understand the bridge should be transparently packaging an FC
> disk as an iSCSI target.
> After
> # iscsiadm -m node -p <target portal> -T <target> -l
> I get errors in dmesg and finally
>    sd 6:0:0:1: Attached scsi disk sdb

So the block disks show up fine. That means iSCSI works just fine.

> However
> # fdisk /dev/sdb
> Returns with
>    Unable to read /dev/sdb
> Finally,
> # iscsiadm -m node -p <target portal> -T <target> -u
> returns.
> I am attaching the relevant part of the dmesg log. Hope it can clarify
> the problem

You only see one disk? Either way, are you running multipath on your machine?
If you are, what is the multipath -ll output?

> Dear Konrad, I find it strange that the host does not send "Request
> Sense" after receiving an error
> for "Test Unit Ready". Is it a legit SCSI behaviour?

The kernel intoragates the disks and that is what it gets. It reports to you
these errors. There is no need to send a Request Sense command as the Test Unit
Ready has already provided you the SCSI error, along with the ASC/ASCQ values, 
you can see:

> sd 6:0:0:1: Device not ready: <6>: Current: sense key: Not Ready
>     Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, cause not reportable

The next step for enterprise storages, such as the HP StorageWorks
is to issue a START SCSI command - which is what you should see if you
are using multipath. The path checker would start the LUN.

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