> "Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk" happens because:
> - iSCSI sessions were not properly disconnected, and


> - they can't be properly disconnected any more, because the network is 
> already disabled.

Kind of. There is a kernel timer that gets activated during the logout sequence
that waits for up to 120 seconds (or what you have set in
node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout) and if the logout sequence hasn't 
completed releases the kernel resources.

> Most distributions shut down all network interfaces when a "halt" 
> command is started (i.e., they add "-i" option to the halt command):
>      -i: shut down all network interfaces.
> Without this flag, everything should shut down properly, even when it's 

Right. And this situation will hang the kernel during reboot b/c the
SCSI error handlers wait for a logout state condition that never happens.

> not possible to logout all sessions earlier (i.e., a diskless machine 
> started off iSCSI).

And the patch I attached in the previous e-mail describes a solution
to this.

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