Shrey wrote:
> Hi all,
> Further update on this topic:
>> Thanks once again :) - If I manage to find/assert it, I will surely
>> post back.
> I tried to do an experiment to confirm the maximum number of available
> targets and LUNs with an initiator. I did:
> On the target machine:
> 1. I created softlinks for a device such that they are named /dev/link
> $i_$j where i varies from 1-100 and j varies from 0-10. Thus, I had
> links like "link1_0, link1_1, ...,link30_0,...,
> link99_0, ...link100_10".
> 2. Each link was a softlink of a valid SCSI device on the target. All
> this was pushed into the /etc/ietd.conf file and service iscsi-target
> was restarted. (Yup, I am using iscsi-target-0.4.16 on the target
> side.)
> 3. This gave me 100 targets, each having 10 LUNs - starting from
> mydisk1 to mydisk100 (as target names).
> On the initiator:
> 1. I set the discovery on this target machine IP. and tried to log in.
> result:
> Discovery itself is not able to add more than 89 (twice I got 90)
> devices. It simply doesn't get any information about the top 11
> devices from the ietd.conf file.

When you say devices, you mean targets right?

open-iscsi-2.0-869 should work. I believe iscsi-target-0.4.16 does not 
support lots of targets. You shuold post to the IET list. I think there 
are threads on this already, so actually you should search their list to 
make sure it is not fixed in the svn tree.

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