Doron Shoham wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> What is the plan for the next release of open-iscsi?

They are done when they are done. It depends on when we get things 
upstream and what people send.

I am trying to do a quick release and just fix/replace the sysfs code 
for when the kernel compat code is off and trying to update the modules 
for 2.6.26. The only new feature may be the ibft sysfs stuff, but that 
may be more of a bug fixes to others since the old code was broken for 
some people. So this may be a 869.* release only.

The next feature update is a ways off (2.6.27 time). I am trying to 
finish up bnx2i. bnx2i may not make it, but I am going to send most of 
those patches like the iser ones in my tree upstream. The patches that 
add functions jsut for bnx2i or export functions just for bnx2i will go 
in when bnx2i is close to going in.

If people send patches for a userspace lib or for other hardware (there 
is another type of offload model that is being worked on by some venddor 
that is not like bnx2i or qla4xxx and then there is the intel IOAT 
patches) then they we will adjust depending on when things are sent

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