> The Rule: Only after "logout",target daemon can be restarted.
> But it sounds little weird.is it?

It looks like a safety feature. 

> If some I/O going on the initiators side,i cannot logout that target.

You sure about that? Did you do 'iscsiadm -m node -U all' and the
session wouldn't logout?

> Without restarting target daemon,we can not make target/LUN
> addition,modification changed to reflect on initiators on discovery
> commmand.

>From the initiator side that is not true. The initiator can
get new targets, rescan the LUNs, find new devices, etc. The limitation
is in the iscsi-target software which doesn't allow you to dynamically
do these things. If you have the experience you could write this
functionality and propose it to the iscsi-target folks.

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