Greetings all,

The LIO-Target Core v3.0.0 tree has been imported from v2.9-STABLE from source tree repositories into git, and is
building w/ v2.6.26-rc3.  It can be found at:;a=summary

I will be continuing the cleanup activies for upstream, which so far has
included the removal of legacy unused engine level mirroring/replication
bits (as we are using LIO-DRBD or LIO-NR1 w/ MD for this now), and a few

[EMAIL PROTECTED] lio-core]$ wc -l *.c *.h | tail -n 1
  57879 total

The goal now will be to seperate out the LIO-Target / LIO-Core pieces
for moving the latter upstream initially (eg a working passthrough, and
then v3.0 LIO-Target using traditional iSCSI, then iWARP and iSER.  This
will all be going into the roadmap on for reference.

I invite interested parties to have a look, and please contact me on the
LIO-Target devel list, or privately if you would like to get involved
looking at some code that are in line with your

Many thanks for your most valuable of time,


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