Thanks a lot Konrad and Mike for your continuous help.


Sorry, I meant to say "If I/O going on,it shouldn't be allowed to
logout that target".

Suppose I added few targets and want initiators should know this
change,i should restart "iscsi-target" daemon.Without this,"iscsiadm -
m discovery............." cannot detect addition of these new
targets..It still shows OLD ones.

Does it mean according to you,addition of new target should be spread
by target itself or "discovery" command  should sense it??

How initiator can sense addition of new targets other than "discovery"?
Are there any special commands?I am using IET.

LUN addition can be sensed by "--rescan".But after restarting "iscsi-
target",as disks status is "blocked","--rescan" command hangs up

so after restarting "iscsi-target",New target/LUN's can be sensed,But
original connections are lost.
Is it normal behavior of IET?

Yeah..I am using IET.

I was getting "session recovery timed out after 120 secs" when it was

Now as it is 86400,I never observed after 86400sec. that
"session recovery timed out after 86400 secs".

Otherwise is it NORMAL behavior of IET that the connection is lost of
existing targets after
restarting target daemon?

In "Open-e",it was the case that disk blocked only some time,after it
was recovered.
But in my case,it is blocked forever.

Open-e might changed IET to suit this persistent connection or they
might be using something else?Thoughts


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