> Yeah..I am using IET.
> I was getting "session recovery timed out after 120 secs" when it was
> 120.
> Now as it is 86400,I never observed after 86400sec. that
> "session recovery timed out after 86400 secs".
> Otherwise is it NORMAL behavior of IET that the connection is lost of
> existing targets after
> restarting target daemon?

I am not sure what you mean by connection is lost. If you mean that you 
see those 1011 errors then yes. When IET and open-iscsi are running 
normally we have a tcp connection to the IET. When you reboot IET, it 
closes it, so we try to reconnect. When we detect the problem we spit 
out an error 1011. If a nop/ping times out first though you might see a 
slightly different error, but normally when the tcp connection changes 
state we are notified and you see 1011 errors.

If when you say the connection is lost is that we cannot do disk IO and 
you get FS errors and the iscsi session and its disks are basically dead 
and unusable because they only spit out errors then it is sort of 
expected :) We will not begin to fail IO until that replacement/recovery 
timer expires. So if you reboot IET and it takes longer than that timer 
to relogin then you will get FS/IO/SCSI/BLOCK errors.

> In "Open-e",it was the case that disk blocked only some time,after it
> was recovered.
> But in my case,it is blocked forever.

When you say blocked, do you mean if you run iscsiadm -m session -P 3 
that the disks state says "blocked" or do you mean something else?

Like I said before, when the connection is detected we block the scsi 
disks. When we are logged back or if the replacement/recovery timer 
fires we unblock them. If we are logged in we execte IO. If we are not 
then we fail IO.

> Open-e might changed IET to suit this persistent connection or they
> might be using something else?Thoughts
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > 

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