Hi Group!

First of all: I've done my research in the eMail Archives before 
deciding to disturb in here. Maybe I'm not googling for the perfect 
keyword set. Anyway, here's my question:

I have:
* a PowerEdge 2950 with two nics with 4 ports total (e1000 and broadcom).
* a MD3000i PowerVault
* Vmware Server running on the poweredge.

I'm storing virtual machines in /vmstore (a
big partition on the poweredge's own RAID-5 virtual disk). The local 
storage is for the OS and applications. Not the data.

So, the obvious question here: I want to store the data in the SAN. 
Should I get my sessions running in the host, or inside each virtual 

Also, is it OK to use multi path (dual path) using one broadcom port, 
and one e1000 port (instead of using the two ports of the same nic)?

Any hints? Suggestions?

Thanks a LOT. I'm very new to this, but I'm doing my best effort.

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