On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 05:32:03AM -0700, jergendutch wrote:
> Hello,
> I have iscsi setup on some boxes. They can all mount a central target
> in succession but not at the same time. This is fine, I have installed
> GFS to make this work.
> I read somewhere (and this is where I need the help) that open-iscsi
> limits the number of connections per lun to one, and I need to
> increase this to the number of hosts. Can anyone tell me where this
> is, I cannot find it any more.

Not sure where you read it, but that is false. The default LUN max is

> My second question is about startup.
> At the moment I start iscsi, then I run the discovery command, then
> restart iscsi to see the disk.
> This seems wrong. Is there a better way?

When you run the discovery command the results are cached. When you
log-in the session is also cached. So you init script should
take advantage of that and automaticly log-in to those targets.

You did log-in to those targets after the discovery, right?

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