oh ok .. i figured that I needed to create the record - so I did this:

iscsiadm -m node -T
iqn.2008-04.com.mycompany.lab:storage.centos51_x64_xen -p
-o new
New iSCSI node [tcp:[hw=default,ip=,net_if=default,iscsi_if=default],3260,-1
iqn.2008-04.com.maxiscale.lab:storage.centos51_x64_xen] added

Trying to generate the initrd, got a new error - a "grubby" error!  .. :)

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /]# new-kernel-pkg --mkinitrd --depmod --install
grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template

any thoughts?  google'ing too ..

- a.

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