aspasia wrote:
> Hello all,
> One of my servers/users reported that suddenly their iscsiRoot was
> inaccessible, in the console I saw the following:
> ext3 - find entry reading directory #132624 offset - rejecting I/O to
> dead device
> When I rebooted the host - the iscsiRoot seemed to be happy
> again ... :)
> I checked its /var/log/messages and did not notice any error.
> However, I also noticed that the host up'ed the 2nd NIC - ... I
> configured only iscsiRoot with the assumption of only eth0 being
> up .... could having eth0 and eth1 possibly cause a confusion over the
> iscsiRoot operations?

It could have if the routing changed, but the initiator would have tried 
to reconnect and we would have started using eth1. However, if this 
happened more than 5 times to the same IO then we could have seen IO 
errors. Either way though you should have seen some iscsi and scsi 
errors in the logs.

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