Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman wrote:
> On May 28, 2:45 pm, Konrad Rzeszutek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  > I am not sure how you are partitioning your space. Does each guest
>  > have an iSCSI target (or LUN) assigned to it? Or is it one big
>  > drive that they run from? Also are you envisioning using this
>  > with LiveMigration (or whatever it is called with your virtualization
>  > system)?
> I'm using Vmware-Server (not ESX, just the free one).
> The guests themselves (the disk where the OS is installed) are stored as 
> vmdk's on a local folder.
> I want to provide application storage for each virtual machine, no 
> shared storage. I have 1.6TB total capacity, and plan on giving each 
> guest as much raid-5 storage space as they need.
> The iscsiadm discovery on my Host reports all available targets, over 
> both interfaces (broadcom and intel).
> So, basicly, I have these doubts / options:
> 1) Login to each target on the host, and add raw disk access to the 
> guests to those host-devices.
> 2) Don't use open-iscsi on the host, but use it on each guest to connect 
> to the targets.
> And the main doubt: how does link aggregation / dualpath fit into those 
> options?
> Also, i find this error:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~# iscsiadm -m node -L all
> Login session [iface: default, target: 
> portal:,3260]
> Login session [iface: default, target: 
> portal: fe80:0000:0000:0000:021e:4fff:fe43:26c3,3260]
> iscsiadm: initiator reported error (4 - encountered connection failure)
> iscsiadm: Could not log into all portals. Err 107.

open-iscsi does not really support link local ipv6 adders yet. There is 
a way around this by setting up a iface for the net inerface (ethX) that 
it is local to then binding it, but it is a little complicated to do.

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