>> Doron Shoham wrote:
>>>> Hi Mike,
>>>> Are you ok with this patch?
>>> I think so. There was just some minor things I was going to fix when I
>>> merged it . For exmaples the timer values are not picked up right away
>>> so they need to be attr deffered.
>>> I am not going to merge it for the next release (the one that is in rc
>>> now), because some apps (installers and mkinitrd type of tools) are not
>>> ready for the -f flag and it is too late to change them.
>>> So I will do a branch for the next release or merge this first when I
>>> make the new release. I was just waiting to see if Hannes fixes the
>>> Makefile patch he had.
>> Hi,
>> Did you meant open-iscsi-2.0-869.1 as the next release?
> The dot releases are just bug fixes.
>> If not, can you estimate in what release it will be merged?
> 870.

Isn't this patch a bug fix as well? For example, changing transport
name while session is active, leaves stale session entry.
Can't you merge it to the nearest release?
If not, when do you plan to release the 870? We would like to see if
we can make it for ofed 1.4.


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