a s p a s i a wrote:
>> It could have if the routing changed, but the initiator would have tried
>> to reconnect and we would have started using eth1. However, if this
>> happened more than 5 times to the same IO then we could have seen IO
>> errors. Either way though you should have seen some iscsi and scsi
>> errors in the logs.
> I noticed these occurred:
> May 29 16:47:31 r05s23 iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 1:0
> error (1011) state (3)
> May 29 16:47:34 r05s23 iscsid: received iferror -38
> May 29 16:47:34 r05s23 last message repeated 3 times
> May 29 16:47:34 r05s23 iscsid: connection1:0 is operational after
> recovery (1 attempts)
> ... what id the -38 error code?

It just means that userspace tried to set a feature the kernel did not 
support. It is not serious.

If there was nothing before that first line about the kernel reporting a 
connection error, then the target could have initiated this. Do you see 
anything in the target logs? What target is this again?

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