a s p a s i a wrote:
> Thanks for the response!!  I will thoroughly review the readme and
> feedback any observations.
> One question - how do I check whether the config parameter change has
> been set correctly?  Do I just look at the config file in the
> /etc/iscsi/nodes/.... etc..../default?  does not seem to show in

The ones in that file may not be the ones you are using. Right now we 
are not able to pick up new values from there while a session is 
running. So for boot the safest thing to do is reboot the box to pick up 
new values.

> iscsiadm -m session -P <1, 2 or 3> level....

I still need to add that for the timer settings and some other ones. We 
just print out some of the iscsi settings we negotiated for right now. 
You would have to manually check by catting the files in sysfs 
/sys/class/iscsi_session/sessionX and 

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