Padmanabhan wrote:
> 3. what other parameters have to be considered when implementing
> software based initiators and targets ?

I noticed on the initiator side we sometimes get better performance when 
we set the max command buffer size smaller. The default is really large 
- something like 512k. If you write to the block queues sysfs 
max_sectors_kb file (/sys/block/sdXYZ/queue/max_sectors_kb) you can 
change this. I found that 64k sometimes works. But on other targets and 
setups big commands are better. I have not narrowed down specifically 
which and when to use unless I actually run some IO.

Also on the initiator side changing the io scheduler to noop works 
better. Soemtimes it is worse :) But you set it by writing to 

> Thanks for sharing your expertise and time
> Regards
> Padmanabhan
> > 

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