> Currently iSCSI targets contains LV's.
> ----------------------------------
> Target iqn.2008-06.com.qualexsystems:Tar3
>         Alias Tar3
> #instead of adding LV here,regular file should be added.
>         Lun 0 Path=/dev/Vg1/lvISCSI3,Type=fileio
>         HeaderDigest CRC32C,None
>         InitialR2T Yes
>         MaxBurstLength 262144
>         MaxRecvDataSegmentLength 8192
>         DataPDUInOrder Yes
>         ImmediateData No
>         MaxXmitDataSegmentLength 8192
>         FirstBurstLength 65536
>         MaxOutstandingR2T 8
>         DataSequenceInOrder Yes
>         DataDigest CRC32C,None
>         DefaultTime2Wait 2
>         MaxConnections 1
>         DefaultTime2Retain 20
>         ErrorRecoveryLevel 0
>         Wthreads 8
> ---------------------------------
> Do u know how it can be achieved?i.e.Basically how to export regular
> files from target?

This is really a IET list questions, but since for once I might know the 
asnwer here is what I do:

Lun 0 Path=/home/mnc/iet_lun0,Type=fileio

In this case iet_lun0 is just a normal old file on the target that I 
created by doing

dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/mnc/iet_lun0 bs=1G count=10

so the lu that is exported ends up being about 10 gigs. If this is not 
what you wanted then you should probably post to the IET list.

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