On Jun 16, 4:29 pm, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do:
> iscsiadm -m session -r $SID --rescan

Doing a rescan doesn't appear to pick up the new size of the devices.
Having manually resized the filesystem on the target end, I now get
errors on the initiator since the filesystem extents are outside of
the apparent device extents.

> The above commands will rescan existing devices and add new ones. It
> will not remove old ones.

As you said, rescans don't pick up deleted LUN's, so my only option
would be to delete the LUN on the target and then re-create it under a
_different_ LUN and then do a rescan. This is obviously not an ideal
solution as it's going to result in a large number of "zombie" LUNs on
the initiator as time goes on.
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