Dotan Barak wrote:
> Hi.
> I installed open-iscsi-2.0-869.2.tar.gz on CentOS 5.1 on x86_64

Are you using the kernel that came with 5.1? What version is that?

It looks like you are using the iscsi modules from the 
open-iscsi-2.0-869.2.tar.gz release right? Could you rebuild the iscsi 
modules with debugging on? Do

make DEBUG_SCSI=1 DEBUG_TCP=1 install

then you probably need to reboot or manually unload the old iscsi 
modules and then reload the new ones.

> When i tried 10g NIC from another vendor everything was fine (maybe it
> is just luck or timing issue).

Are you using the intel driver that came with Cent os 5.1 or one from 
intel website?

What card did work?

And are you using jumbo frames when this oopses?

> Did anyone notice this failure before?
> thanks
> Dotan
> > 

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