Arvind Jain wrote:
> Mike. 
> Thanks for quick response. Following are the answer to your questions:
> Q. When the initiator logs back in, is the target sending a MaxCmdSN and 
> ExpCmdSn that indicates the window is smaller?
> A. Yes
> Q. Are you digging in the code by any chance?
> A. I did a bit. Need to look more.
> Q. Did you see if libiscsi.c:iscsi_update_cmdsn() is updateing the values
> correctly?
> A. Not yet. Will look deeper.

If you could use
just build it with
make DEBUG_SCSI=1 DEBUG_TCP=1 install

Then do your test (unload the old modules if they are loaded and then 
modprobe iscsi_tcp again to get the new modules that are installed 
above) and send the /var/log/messages output I can see what is getting 
updated in the driver/code.

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