> What I intend is to have the best performance and reliability storage as 
> cheaper as possible...
> So, I already tested the open-iscsi target and iniciator on a fedora 
> box. The results were not
> so good, the best result were with a fedora target and windows XP 
> iniciator.

Are your test results available? I would be curious to see what made the
Microsoft Software Initiator (v2.0?) faster than the Open-ISCSI one.

Both of them are software based so there shouldn't be a big difference
in the speed of them.

> In my inicial goal, I would like to have a linux box as a target and 
> Gbit NIC cards for acessing
> it. Putting four 500GB SATA II HD in a RAID10 assemble for reliability, 
> creating a 1TB redundant storage...
> The redundancy was nice with mdtools, but the performance with the 
> open-iscsi was not good...
> Speaking about the CPU load, as the storage will be a dedicated file 
> server, the whole CPU will
> be for file sharing and storage...

Right. That is unavoidable on the target side. I was thinking on the client
(initiator) where the data-gram check-summing would be offloaded to the HBA.

There is nothing you can do about the target side to off-load the check-summing
(well, not yet).

> So that´s why I am asking about the QLogic HBA´s...

If you go with the HBA, you will get the no CPU usage on your initiator (good)
and there won't be any extra overhead in unmarshalling TCP->iSCSI->SCSI. I don't
know how "much" faster it would be in doing I/O. If you go this route I would
advise on buying it with a return-back policy so that you can test it against 
software based initiators and if the I/O benchmarks don't make it look that 
sexy -
you can return the HBA.

Also be aware that the switches (or the lack of them) between your target and
initiator are important.

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