Mike Christie escreveu:
> Marcos Gileno wrote:
>> Konrad Rzeszutek escreveu:
>>>> OK!
>>>> So, do you think that I´m in the right direction, when I say that I´m 
>>>> going to create my own
>>>> repository with some proprietary hardware and free software? Or it could 
>>>> be a bad trip...
>>> What is it that you are intending to do? If you are just looking to use 
>>> iSCSI
>>> I would recommend you first play with the Open-ISCSI initator (I presume you
>>> already have an iSCSI target?). If you want no CPU load when doing iSCSI, 
>>> then
>>> the hardware HBA's are the choice.
>> What I intend is to have the best performance and reliability storage as 
>> cheaper as possible...
>> So, I already tested the open-iscsi target and iniciator on a fedora 
>> box. The results were not
>> so good, the best result were with a fedora target and windows XP 
>> iniciator.
> I do not think I have ever heard that result before. For fedora target 
> do you mean, scsi-target-utils rpm that comes with fedora or is it a 
> IET/iscsi-target based rpm?
> >
Unfortunately I don´t have it... I tested it at the end of last year, 
and a used the package that came with fedora at that time.
But I clearly remember that with XP it was transparently and worked 
fine. And from linux to linux I had some little problems to
even make it work out. So I wrote to the list, and somebody told me that 
there was some problem with the
iniciator package for linux...

Marcos G. M. Santos
SysAdmin - DIGILAB S.A.
Tel: 55 48 3234 4041

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