Eli Dorfman wrote:
>> open-iscsi does not really support link local ipv6 adders yet. There is
>> a way around this by setting up a iface for the net inerface (ethX) that
>> it is local to then binding it, but it is a little complicated to do.
> Can you explain in details how to do that.

Ok not that complicated. Just bind to a iface like you would normally.

Setup a iface and bind it do the ipv6 link local portal that was 
discovered by doing:

iscsiadm -m node -T target -p your_ipv6_link_local_addr -I 
iface_you_created_that_can_access_ipv6_link_local_portal -o new

then login like normal.

the problem is that you cannot do discovery to a link local addr though.

> When do you think ipv6 will be supported? what needs to be done?

I have no plans to support ipv6 link local addrs. You need some code to 
tell it what network interface to use or maybe loop over every network 
interface and figure out which one to use for the user.

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