Let me take this a chunk at a time :)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> My previous problem that initiator cannot recover the connection after
> "target daemon restart"/"target machine reboot" was solved.
> It was a really a silly mistake.
> Initiator side Header,Data digest configuration was not set according
> to target side.
> I set both to "None".Then it can recover the connection.Though target
> side settings can be anything out of the 4 options.But it is not still
> working correctly with CRC32C instead of "None".
> What is actually the need of Header and Data Digest???

Are you changing the digest values between target restarts/reboots?

> Does it have something to do with Discovery/Node level authentication??
> Or it just checks Header/Data integrity using checksum on both sides
> to ensure packets are not tampered.

Digests are used to ensure packets are the same as what was sent.

> I am using version 865.    Version 868 doesn't make use of Data Digest
> at all.

What do you mean by 868 not making use of data digests?

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