Hi konrad, thanks for your response!

> Did you set your MD3000i to authenticate against your IQN or IP?

For connect disks I use this comand:

iscsiadm -m node -targetname iqn.2005-02.au.com.empresa:san.200G.samba
-p -l

> Is the disc you are seeing called 'Xplector something.." ?
indeed I am seeing two disks, but only one of them is 'valid'. The
other I think is the "Xplector something .." This is the output of

             description: SCSI Disk
             product: MD3000i
             vendor: DELL
             physical id: 0.0.1
             bus info: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0.0.1
             logical name: /dev/sdc
             version: 0670
             serial: 85R006R
             size: 136GiB (146GB)
             capacity: 136GiB (146GB)
             capabilities: 7200rpm partitioned partitioned:dos
             configuration: ansiversion=5 signature=a4bbe41c
                description: Linux filesystem partition
                physical id: 1
                bus info: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0.0.1,1
                logical name: /dev/sdc1
                version: 3.6
                serial: 0ad97536-93ba-46dd-b607-ad47706be311
                size: 136GiB
                capacity: 136GiB
                capabilities: primary journaled reiserfs initialized
                configuration: filesystem=reiserfs hash=r5 state=unclean
             description: SCSI Disk
             product: Universal Xport
             vendor: DELL
             physical id: 0.0.1f
             bus info: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0.0.31
             logical name: /dev/sdd
             version: 0670
             serial: 85R006R
             size: 20MiB (20MB)
             capacity: 20MiB (20MB)
             capabilities: 7200rpm
             configuration: ansiversion=5

I am unaware of the iscsi, allow me a silly question, an initiator can
connect with more than one disc? I ask because the target MD3000i
doesn't let me put the same initiator in more than one disk. Is this

> >

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