Hi, I am new to this group, and I am not sure if this reply will show
up under the correct thread.
Anyway, since I have solve this issue (boot error: iscsi: can not
broadcast skb) for my situation I want to share my sollution with you

edit /etc/init.d/reboot
line 21 says: reboot -d -f -i
remove -i, so the line looks like: reboot -d -f

this will probably solve it.

the man reboot page says this:
-i     Iterates configured network interfaces and brings them down
before shutting down.  On Linux, this  is unnecessary as the kernel
will do this anyway.

So i figured it would be save to remove the -i option.

please mind that you will experience the same problem when you try to
shutdown the system.
if you want to fix this also you will need to edit /etc/init.d/halt
line 57 and remove -i again.

I'd love to hear it if this works for you.
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