Very basic question...

Suppose I added say "MyLun0" in target say "MyTarget1" as a LUN Number


Is it the "Convention" that LUN 0 should not be "modified"?
i.e.Afterwards I should not modify "MyTarget1" to contain "OtherLun0"
instead of "MyLun0".

The "rule" should that LUN 0 is not allowed to be "deleted"(though it
is the only lun in that target OR there are other LUN's with LUN 0
added in it )  is OK.

Because at any time target should have at least 1 LUN associated with
it.otherwise there is no point initiator using it.(Though initiator
can login to target having no LUN in it without any error)

Because I got the impression that once specific LUN0 is attached to a
target.It is the same throughout.We cannot delete LUN0.We have to
delete whole target for that.

Your views?
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