Jesper Krogh wrote:
> Hi.
> I've got a Nexsan iSCSI array. It has 4 different "data-adresses" that I
> can all discover and get access to the volumes on the array through.
> But I'd prefer that my client instead of connnection to a single data-address
> connected to all of them and balanced over them in order to distribute the
> load automatically. Otherwise I have to manually tie up my clients to
> specific data-ipadresses on the array.
> Is that doable?

It depends on the hardware. Normally you could set

node.startup = automatic

for each record that was created when you did discovery  (see the README 
for how to set that with iscsiadm or in the conf file).

Then when you start the iscsi service or run iscsiadm by hand to login, 
it will create sessions to all the portals/addresses. You can then use 
dm-multipath to round robin over all the addresses.

The hardware has to support this (sometimes it is called active-active 
mulitpathing, but your vendor might call it something else) though. In 
some cases if on the target there are two storage controllers and each 
controller has two portals, you might be able to load balance over the 
portals on a controller, then failover across the other contoller (the 
failover across the contoller portals is sometimes called 
active-passive, manual failover, automatic, but your vendor might call 
it something else). Again for that you can setup dm-multipath to do all 
that magic for you.

> Jesper

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