ashish wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to install osd based iscsi using ibm osd simulator as
> target, and ibm osd initiator. and I am having problem with the
> initiator installation. This initiator requires patched linux-
> iscsi-4.0.2, I was able to successfully install linux-iscsi-4.0.2, but
> it is failing to connect to the osd target.  So I just wanted to check
> whether open-iscsi supports osd command set, or can we make it work
> with osd command set by applying some patches.
> Thanks in advance.
Ashish Hi

I'm also adding open-osd developer mailing list.

The list of tools above is very (very) old. Since then I have been maintaining
more advanced patchset for the IBM-Initiator over open-iscsi, (not the old 
linux-iscsi), with more recent kernels.

However, I have abandoned IBM-Initiator, all together, for our own, new made, 
which we call open-osd. Our initiator is a kernel-only initiator which act as a 
for in kernel users of OSD, like the pNFS-over-objects layout driver. The 
initiator is
able to talk to an OSD1 target and was tested against IBM-OSD-SIM mentioned 
above, as well
as against an OSD2 target. Both targets are supported concurrently.

An OSD2 target that I prefer and use is the one from OSC:

Please note that you need the version from the git-tree mentioned at top of 
page. The 
tar-ball offered is old and has few problems with my Initiator.

You can find my initiator code in this git tree:
or browse the source on the web at:;a=summary

There is also a user-mode-only OSD2 Initiator that you can play with
at the OSC link above. That project offers both a target and initiator
in user-mode.

Also look in:
for very old documentation and links which we will update soon (I hope)

If you have any farther questions/problems/thoughts please feel free to
email: "The open-osd developer mailing list." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. You
should also be able to sign up to the list on:

If you are still interested in the old IBM-Initiator, that can compile and run
against a recent Kernel (and open-iscsi). Please tell me, and I'll send you
what I have. Last I used it it did work on top of the bidi and iscsi patches
that are already been accepted in latest Kernels.

Good luck

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