[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# iscsiadm -m session -P 3
iSCSI Transport Class version 2.0-724
iscsiadm version 2.0-869
Target: iqn.1992-08.com.netapp:s3002
        Current Portal:,1000
        Persistent Portal:,1000
                Iface Name: default
                Iface Transport: tcp
                Iface Initiatorname: iqn.
                Iface IPaddress:
                Iface HWaddress: default
                Iface Netdev: default
                SID: 5
                iSCSI Connection State: LOGGED IN
                iSCSI Session State: Unknown
                Internal iscsid Session State: NO CHANGE
                Negotiated iSCSI params:
                HeaderDigest: None
                DataDigest: None
                MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 131072
                MaxXmitDataSegmentLength: 65536
                FirstBurstLength: 65536
                MaxBurstLength: 65536
                ImmediateData: Yes
                InitialR2T: No
                MaxOutstandingR2T: 1
                Attached SCSI devices:
                Host Number: 7  State: running
                scsi7 Channel 00 Id 0 Lun: 1
                        Attached scsi disk sdc          State: running
                scsi7 Channel 00 Id 0 Lun: 0
                        Attached scsi disk sdb          State: running

On Aug 19, 3:27 pm, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> shreyas wrote:
> > I am using 2.6.23 kernel
> > here are the outputs of the commands,
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# iscsiadm -m session -P 1
> Ooops. I meant "-P 3". Do not bother logging into targets. Just run the
> command and send the output.
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